Zip Code: 505600
Sacele, Brasov, Romania
Head office: 14 Narciselor Street
Office: 308 George Moroianu Bvl
Tel. 0040 268-275 270
Mob.0040 754 097 641
Fax. 0040 268-272 717
Manager: Ing. Ronald Goojer

E-mail: info @ abimix. com


1. For any sale, lease or other uses contracting partner must accept the following terms:
2. When a contract / accreditation is establish, the buyer / tenant must state that he read the General Trading of Abimix.
3. In case involved another agreement between representatives, besides the present, must make a written statement of understanding.
4. When the subject ordered is a software , the producer or owner shall notify the valid license .

Acceptance of orders:

Orders for the company and credentials , are valid when they were confirmed by the company Abimix in writing or electronically. If there is no confirmation, the company Abimix has no commitment to carry goods on time. Due to legislation and laws varing from country to country, certain products are only available in some countries. This site contains cross-reference on services and products , which may not be available in your country. These references do not imply that Abimix , will make these products available in a few days . Contact our staff if you have any questions, regarding the availability of products.


Proposals and offers does not mean commitment.


Each price point, unless another date is available, has to be paid in RON or EURO (calculated ,from the bank where the company Abimix, has its acconts, at that day), which added VAT related. If a new catalog or a new price list, is released at that time the old prices lose their validity. Prices for transportation or other modes of transportation are paid by the buyer.

Diagrams, pictures, data and price measures:

1. Diagrams, pictures, measurements of leaflets, catalogs or the display on the company website are available. Abimix Company maintains its right to change prices and presentations. Prices are valid for the product described and not for content, accessories or decorations. Each image is just a benchmark, the measures may be different. Through descriptions of performance measures to understand the requirements optimized, practice may be different. Especially at the leather products, should have care with transport them, considere that leather products have the property (in the limit of tolerance) to change color .
2. In the catalogs, price list, view on the Internet or company prospectus Abimix is not responsible for typographical errors.

Transport, transport costs

1. For goods which leave the company headquarters , the risk of transmission buyer / tenant have it .
2. Company Abimix choose the mode of transportation , in case he is not given in written or electronic the mode of transport of goods.
3. At the request late transport company Abimix has the right
- to demand immediate payment
- to request payment for storage, for each month according to the bill
- in case merchandise is in stock, will be sent immediately
- to dissoluble contract and give up the delivery of goods

4. When merchandise arrives at the customer damaged or incomplete, the reception of merchandise (delivered) it must submit (file) in a written complaine to the transportation company for the compensation given the assurance of supply.
5. For each delivery the cost of insurance and packaging is 2 Euro or 8 Ron.

Terms of transport and delivery, delay

1. The terms of transport and delivery are approximate and not binding, do not contain obligations for compensation . If the merchandise is not in stock , then delivery time is 4-12 weeks. Abimix Company undertakes to notify customers in advance in case of delay or if can’t run delivery.
2. Deadline for delivery is approximate . To maintain the date of transportation is need from the client to submit documents, means of payment, proof of payment, authorizations and approvals (faster) in time. In case the payment conditions are not met or not paying outstanding payments go to non-delivery period.
3. Delivery time is considered that time when the delivery of goods has been sent to the term executed or product is ready for transport. For late delivery due to customer, delivery time prior to being consolidated, delivery is considered done.
4. In case when the delivery or transmission delay due to the producer, for a reason (strikes, floods, fires, etc.) or other unexpected event, then the time of delivery is changing.

Terms of payment

1. Company Abimix prefers two methods of payment: in advance by bank transfer or cash. To pay advance-difference requires a prior understanding.
2. Payment is executed in Ron or Euro. Cash on delivery invoice payment is made on the reception of. Tax Refund is paid by the client.
3. In case of CEC payment, payment shall be made in advance and only after the money are available, Abimix goods will be sent.
4. In case the maturity date is not respected, the client is passed automatically release delay. In case of delayed payment Abimix company has the right to compute interest rate of over 8% according to the European Central Bank (Europäische Zentralbank) after maturity. Abimix Company is entitled to claim damages in case of delayed payments.
5. Abimix is authorized, in case of delayed payment ,to accept longer orders for that customer, and for any damage to the behalf of the client , company Abimix does not assume responsibility.
6. When the customer loses credibility and has no credibility, company Abimix has the right to cancel the contract, and the client is obliged to pay immediately the invoices issued to the time. Customer loses credibility in one of the cases:
- Stop payment
- Charged or opening of legal proceedings
- Denial of perception
- Refusal to exchange CEC
- Other payment options of the client
In each one of the cases above company Abimix reserves the right to ask for advance or guarantee delivery or to terminate the contract.
7. The customer has the right to retain or ask price reduction for products, even if he has filed a claim for damages only when the request is valid and incontestable.
8. If the customer is liable for more than a month, company Abimix has the right to give it to the data recovery company (bailiff) of values, taxes and expenses related to the operations being paid by the debtor.

Maintaining ownership

All products and logos displayed on the site belongs to Abimix. Registrated or non, belongs to Abimix company or partners, to its affiliate or by third parties who have transferred the license rights. It is prohibited to reproduce, display or use any product without obtaining a prior written agreement from the company Abimix.
The content of the site www. abimix. com, including: text, images, graphics, buttons, software, web design elements, scripts and other data, is owned by Abimix and / or associates, partners or suppliers and is protected under the copyright laws and laws on the right intellectual and industrial property. Combining these (design site) is the exclusive property of the company Abimix. Using , an written accord from Abimix, any items listed above is punishable under the laws in force.
All software used on this site are property Abimix or its suppliers and are protected by copyright law.


1. In case of errors (damaged) caused by company Abimix ,will have to repair the defect or to eliminate or change the product.
In case the company Abimix can not repair the defect reported in the corresponding time, the client is entitled to request a price reduction or to terminate the contract. If the client requires the installation to make the premises, it is possible that this operation to attract surcharges. The guarantee term-if not otherwise specified is 12-months.
2. If the client prefers a certain firm transportation, company Abimix (and its employees), does not assume responsibility for any damage or malfunction occurred after (or during transport).

3. The customer has the option to return the product ordered (if not match or defects in manufacturing) within 8 days after receiving the order. Return will be based on a report, corresponding merchandise quality and quantity

Data Protection

For a well-functioning commercial contact data and commands are recorded electronically. In some cases we reserve the right to examine how the credibility of payment. Saved data are used to make deliveries and to send promotional materials. The customer has the right to give up promotional materials, the application will be made in writing and will be sent to company headquarters Abimix either by fax or by e-mail address or registered office: Brasov, Sacele city, street Narciselor no. 14, code 50560.

Applicable law.

By using Disputes (visiting or purchasing products) site, the user agrees to declare that the laws will govern novels, Terms and Conditions of Use above, any dispute would arise between the parties subsequently. Conflicts and disputes will be settled amicably, if this can not be possible to call the bodies (instant), in accordance with the laws in force.

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