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Despre noiABIMIX was founded in 1998 in Hungary, and a couple of years later expanded in Romania opening a new branch. Abimix is a large wholsaler in Car Dealers Supply.
Since it was founded ABIMIX , offered hihg-quality products and services, for promotion and sales support for the cars market, and not only.
ABIMIX is continously increasing products range, and has over than 2000 products.

Showrooms,workshops, materials for motor trade or banks, restaurants, casinos, hotels can buy from us:
- products for decoration and composition of the exhibition space, for stores and salons.
-from flags to advertising products.
-from professional products for repairing auto-clime to alarms for ferrets.
-professional products for workshops organization, from key management ( key cabinets storage, key labels ) to lifting devices.
As possible we are doing our best to make unique designs.
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Abimix team

EchipaManager Adriana Grosu

E-mail: adriana.grosu@abimix.com
Telefon: 0040 75/4097640
EchipaMarketing Lorinc Ida

E-mail: idalorinc@ymail.com
Telefon: 0036 70/5398066

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Map defender worksheet - Blue
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Map defender worksheet - Blue

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Map defender worksheet- Black

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Keytag - PVC

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